Welcome to Forester Country!

Huntington University is Forester Country, and we are proud of it! And in Forester Country, we strive to exemplify the Spirit of a Forester.

Developed in 2019 and adopted in 2020, the Spirit of a Forester is the result of countless conversations with innumerable Huntington University alumni. At its core, it is a set of traits reflecting what alumni have been saying about HU all along, even before we received the name Foresters in 1928. The Spirit of a Forester is a heartfelt answer to one unexpectedly complex question:

What is a Forester?

The simple answer is that a Forester is a Huntington University student. Any student at any location and any age. But the truer answer is this.  

A Forester… 

  • Chases truth. Because all truth is God’s truth, Foresters relentlessly pursue it. They seek to glorify their Creator, who charged humanity with the care of His Creation, including every tree, stone, and being in His Creation, and to be “ministers of reconciliation” (2 Cor. 5:18) who see Creation’s redemptive potential. (John 8:32) 
  • Defies complacency. Foresters never stop trying to improve themselves or the world around them. Failures will happen, but Foresters will use mistakes as growth opportunities. (Romans 8:28)  
  • Remains curious. College is a fundamental time in education, but a Forester will seek new opportunities to learn long after graduation. (Proverbs 4:6-7)  
  • Cares completely. Foresters are dedicated to service, caring for others both willingly and joyfully. They also care about forming relationships within the Forester Nation and nurturing new generations of Foresters. As foresters care for plants in every stage of the life cycle, from seedling to mature tree to acorn, so Foresters get involved in others’ growth through prayer, interpersonal relationships, and giving back to the University. (Romans 12:10)  
  • Embraces interconnectedness. In a forest, tree roots intertwine and make the ground stronger. Foresters realize that any pursuit – art, literature, math, science, history, etc. – is stronger in community. For Foresters, that community is an authentic space where hard conversations are welcome, opinions are respected, and brotherly love is genuine. A Forester seeks experiences across disciplines and with others, and that interconnectedness becomes a Forester’s strength. (John 15:5)
  • Has grit. Like a forester in the wood contending with dirt and branches and leaves, a Forester doesn’t back down from making a difference just because it’s going to get messy. Foresters answer the call to serve. (Isaiah 41:10)  
  • Explores creativity. Foresters push the boundaries of their art. Not every Forester wields a paint brush or camera, but all Foresters seek innovations, new perspectives, and inventive solutions that propel their disciplines forward. (Colossians 3:23-24)

Together, these traits point others toward Christ. A Forester’s experience at Huntington University should be formative and transformational. We take great pride in being Foresters, but we realize we are fallible. That doesn’t negate our efforts. Instead, our fallibility highlights our reliance on Christ, the importance of our relationship with Him, and our potential for growth.  

A Forester’s status doesn’t end at graduation; it’s a lifetime appointment. Once you become a Forester, you are a Forester forever. In practical terms, this means that the knowledge you have gained, the skills you have learned, and the people you have met through Huntington University will impact your daily life and shape the course of your future. This also means that everywhere you go, you are an embodiment of the Forester spirit. Whether you find yourself a few miles from campus or across the globe, you are a representative of Huntington University who is showing others what it means to be a Forester.   

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