“Bubble” Makes it Big

The Huntington University Arizona Center for Digital Media Arts is pleased to announce that “Bubble,” one of its animated short films, has been accepted by the Phoenix Film Festival, a nationally recognized film festival. “Bubble” is the first animated short film from the Huntington University Arizona Center for Digital Media Arts to receive this honor.  

The animated film will join five other short films produced by the HU Arizona Center for Digital Media Arts film program in the 20th Annual Phoenix Film Festival, which is held every year in April at Harkins Theatres in Scottsdale.  

“Bubble,” directed by Briana Valenzuela, tells the story of a lone betta fish who, after a tragic accident, isolates herself from the rest of the world inside of a bubble to remain as safe as possible. During this time, she meets a kind piranha who does everything he can to befriend her. When the piranha swims after a fishing hook to retrieve a worm as a gift, the betta fish puts herself in harm’s way to save the piranha, popping her bubble in the effort. Although the hook catches the betta, the piranha makes a daring attempt to free her, and the two become newfound friends.     

“The Phoenix Film Festival has quickly become a fantastic partner for our Huntington University Arizona film program,” said Phil Wilson, program director and assistant professor of film. “Festival Director Jason Carney has come to the Center a number of times, both as a part of the launch of the Peoria Film Fest and as a Guest Speaker to our Senior Film Production classes.  

"Having this many films selected to one of the most prestigious film festivals in the state of Arizona just validates the hard work of our students, the quality of our programs, and, hopefully, says to everyone in the state, ‘Hey, Huntington is here in the Valley, and our students are doing really strong work.’ We mean to have a strong presence in the Arizona film community for many, many years.'”  

“Bubble” is the first finished short film to be written and animated by Huntington University Arizona students and was completed in only eight weeks. 

“As an instructor, I'm grateful and excited to have the opportunity to mentor such incredible young talent, as well as help students tell stories that are both personal and honor the incredibly awesome God we serve,” said Christian Washington, assistant professor of animation. 

Huntington University Arizona opened its doors in 2016, welcoming students seeking a degree in digital media arts. The facility, a 30,000 square-foot building, houses bachelor’s degree programs in animation, film production, broadcast media and graphic design. The facility features film and TV studios, high-end computer classroom/labs, private editing suites, a state-of-the-art TV control room, Foley pit, a host of EFP and cinema cameras, and lighting gear for student production work.