Thornhill Nature Preserve

Huntington University operates Thornhill Nature Preserve for the educational enrichment of its own students and schoolchildren throughout the region.

The 77-acre preserve contains a variety of diverse habitats, including evergreen and deciduous forest, a woodland pond, meadows, and wetlands. The diverse ecosystem supports a wide variety of wildflowers, trees, mammals, and birds. Opportunities for outdoor education abound on the network of maintained trails that provide access to much of the preserve property. The Reiff Nature Center, a teaching lab located on the preserve grounds, provides further opportunities for educational outreach and on-site research.

While Thornhill is not currently open to the public, we invite school teachers to contact us to arrange for a guided classroom field trip. The cost of the program is $3 per student. There is no charge for teachers or adult chaperones.

Thornhill is located 8 miles north of Huntington, Indiana. Need directions?