Snow Removal Policy

The Huntington University Maintenance Staff personally takes care of snow removal. For your safety and convenience, we have the following priorities in place. Please be patient with our crews as they are working diligently to clear your way. 

The priorities are as follows:

Priority #1 – before 7:00 am


Priority #2 – before 7:30 am


Priority #3 – before 8:00 am


Priority #4 – before 10:00 am

Depending on the amount of snowfall, students may be asked to move their vehicles to cleared lots. This will enable Maintenance to clear student’s lots. When this arises, your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

Each building is supplied with Ice Melt. These will be located in buckets at all main entryways. Please do not hesitate to use this in case of icy entries or walks. This should be spread in the same manner as you would spread birdseed. Please do not allow it to clump, as it is not effective in this form.

We appreciate everyone’s cooperation and patience in respect to Snow Removal. We realize the importance of our students and faculty/staff, in getting to their destinations.