Alternative Loan Options

1. We strongly encourage you to exhaust all federal grant and loan options prior to applying for Alternative (Private) Student Loans.

2. All alternative loans require "credit worthiness".  It is extremely difficult for most students to qualify for an alternative loan without a credit worthy cosigner.  This is due to increased default rates in the private student loan industry.

3. Although HU will process loans from any lender you choose, we have provided links to a list of lenders our students have found to demonstrate excellent customer service and ease in process.  These lenders offer loan products representative of the best interest rates, lowest fees, and best repayment terms and conditions in the private loan industry.

Click on the INvestEd Marketplace link below to view these products and start the alternative loan process.

INvestEd Marketplace

INvestEd Marketplace allows you to instantly compare upfront accurate rates and terms form both local and national lenders complete with detailed listings of APR’s, interest rates, total cost, monthly payments, borrower benefits, fees and repayment options.