Certified Leadership Potential

Nicole Manges
A firsthand perspective

Investing in the executive coaching and leadership potential among the employees at your business or organization can have ripple effects that benefit your entire workplace culture. Consider the following example from Sara Yarian, vice president of culture, learning, and development at Metal Technologies (MTI), who participated in Huntington University’s Executive Coaching and Leadership Certificate program:

During my time at MTI, I have had the opportunity to work with many of our leaders across the organization. I have naturally taken on a role of a listener, sounding board, and someone who can help others expand their thinking. I felt it was natural to explore and become trained as a professional coach. Huntington University's program is a 21-week master’s-level program where I worked in a cohort group with other coaches across the country.  

The Huntington University coaching program has enabled me to enact a coaching program at MTI called MTI Coaching. Through this program, we can grow team members internally, developing their skills and careers in confidential sessions. We now recognize coaching as a free, added benefit for our employees and offer individual and team coaching experiences.  

I am not an expert in every field and do not claim to be; however, my goal as a coach is to walk alongside each Coachee, listen to their situation and help to expand their possibilities, think outside the box, [and] look at the situation in a different manner to help them establish a goal that is best for them. The goals are the Coachee’s, and the focus is on what they want or need. I love to help and support individuals in all walks of life, helping them to be the best version of themselves. 

The Huntington University coaching program has helped me grow as a leader as well. Going into meetings with a coaching mindset can be so powerful. As leaders we do not have all of the answers, and many times when an individual feels like they need to know it all isn’t always the best situation for the organization or team; however, being inquisitive, asking powerful questions, and seeking to understand has helped me grow in my leadership skills and as a member of Metal Technologies’ executive leadership team.

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Written by
Nicole Manges