Nurses Unite with HU’s Nursing Student Council

Annie Seboe
NSC provides resources for nursing students

Do you want to become a nurse? To be admitted into Huntington University’s nursing program, a student who has declared a nursing major must complete their required freshman and sophomore courses with a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher while also maintaining a “C” grade or higher in specific courses. Additionally, students must earn a satisfactory score on the Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS).

Wow, let’s take a timeout! All of these requirements could seem overwhelming, right? Don’t give up your dream of becoming a nurse just yet! HU’s Department of Nursing knows the nursing field is difficult and demanding, and yet, this department is designed to help you pursue your future career as a highly qualified nurse.

With rigorous courses that will equip you with knowledge and a staff of intelligent and seasoned professors on your side, you can be confident that HU’s Department of Nursing will guide you into gaining experience through clinicals, passing your National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX), and finding a position in the nursing field! One of the ways HU’s Department of Nursing fosters education and involvement is through the Nursing Student Council (NSC).

The purpose of NSC is to facilitate communication between students, faculty, and administration to better promote awareness of health-related topics on HU’s campus and in the community of Huntington. The positions of the group are peer-elected, and each member is responsible for event planning and becoming mentors to underclassmen who are interested in the nursing program.

“Being part of NCS has prepared me to be able to collaborate with those of higher authority as well as learning how to delegate tasks,” said Nursing Student Council president Ava Kruper.

Hospitals and other healthcare settings have a large force of nurses who each have different responsibilities. Similarly, students in NSC cultivate their teamwork and listening skills.

“Being on the Nursing Student Council helps me work better as a team member. We all have different ideas and talents, especially with our large group; it takes a lot of patience and working together to ensure we get things done right. I also have to support my opinion or realize when it should not be shared at certain times so that meetings can go smoothly and we can compromise to get the best outcome,” said NSC member Erin Snyder.

As always, any special interest group at HU involves collaboration between faculty and students. Learning from experienced professionals in the same field you are pursuing is highly valuable.

“Some of my favorite memories of NSC would have to have been when we had pizza with the professors last year! We got to hear about their time in the nursing field, and it was really great to get to know our professors like that,” said NSC member Taylor Kern.

NCS is just one of the many ways that the Department of Nursing prepares its students for success. For more information on the academic excellence of the Department of Nursing, check out their Learning Opportunities.

Written by
Annie Seboe