Student Experience: Department of Nursing

Annie Seboe
Genuine, intentional care characterizes HU nursing

When you ask someone at Huntington University what their major is, their eyes usually light up with passion for their chosen profession. I have found this to be especially true of nursing majors. These dedicated men and women have a calling to serve others and care for them within the medical field, and they are actively pursuing their goals! One of my dear friends, Makailah Thompson, a junior nursing major and member of the HU Volleyball program, exudes the joy and heart necessary to be a nurse. I truly believe you will feel her love for others as you read about her experience within HU’s Department of Nursing.

1. Why did you choose to become a nursing major?

“My childhood dream was always to love and care for others. Someone in my life who exemplified this every single day was my grandma. She's been my inspiration ever since I was asked on the first day of kindergarten what I wanted to be when I grew up. The answer was easy for me: a nurse, just like my grandma. By choosing to be a nurse, I have the opportunity to love, care, and support each patient I come across while using God's gifts and incorporating His love.”

2. Where do you see yourself in the future after you earn your degree?

“After getting my degree, I see myself working within the pediatrics specialty.”

3. How has the HU Department of Nursing prepared you to pursue your goals?  

The “HU Department of Nursing has prepared me to pursue my goals by intentionally caring about me in my growth as a student and as a person. Every professor genuinely cares about me and is there to guide me through any struggles I may encounter. Our classes include primarily hands-on activities, which promote a new way of learning and make the more challenging topics easier to digest. From my experience, each professor is eager to share their wealth of knowledge with me to see me succeed, which makes the next steps after nursing school feel much lighter.”

4. What is your favorite memory from your experience in this major?

“My favorite memory from my major is our scavenger hunt around campus that we just recently completed. I may be biased because my team won (shoutout to DeAnn Fry and Caroline Shepherd), but it allowed us to review what we've covered over the past few weeks and enjoy each other's company.”

5. What is one thing you wish people knew about the Department of Nursing or your major in general?

“One thing I wish more people knew about both the nursing major and the Department of Nursing is that although the major is complex, the people in this department have the utmost confidence in you. Nursing involves multiple life skills, including time management, drive, and responsibility, and the Department of Nursing guides you in the correct direction. These people are here to see you succeed, not to see you fail.”

At HU, we strive to love Christ and serve others through our individual callings. This includes our faculty and staff! Like Makailah mentioned, the professors within each department want to see you succeed and pass on their knowledge, both academic and spiritual. To learn more about HU’s Department of Nursing and the necessary steps to become a nurse, check out their major page.

Written by
Annie Seboe