Why I Chose Huntington University

Jordan Lynden
I felt as if God was actively guiding me here. Now that I am here, I could not be more thankful I got to know about this place.

Figuring out where to go after high school was a stressful time for me. There were just so many options out there, all with their pros and cons to weigh as graduation drew near. I found myself staring at college search websites, scrolling through endless lists of choices, dreading the time I would have to spend looking into each school just to come back to being unsure of which direction is right. It was overwhelming, and I doubt I would have been happy with my choice if I had never known about Huntington University. 

I was close to settling on a school that could not even promise it had what I was looking for. I wanted to study animation and tell stories through art. There was no animation major at this school I was considering, but they proposed I create my own major and mix and match classes to best suit my needs. The idea intrigued me; however, in the back of my mind it sounded confusing and honestly not worth the effort. Still, I came close to applying there. Thinking back, I probably assumed it was a decent choice because I had not visited many schools. There was only so much time and resources my family and I had to see what each possibility was like in person. That college may have been able to provide something similar to my intended vision, but I knew I was picking it for the low tuition more than anything else. 

However, something came up the summer before my senior year. See, my dad is close friends with a professor here, Jay LeBlanc. Through him, I found out that two animation graduates from Huntington University went on to work on Into the Spider Verse. I did some research, scheduled a tour, and I was amazed by how perfect this campus was for me. Huntington University is a Christ-centered school, its animation department really impressed me, the professors for digital media arts were great, the campus is small and easy to get around, I had a trusted family friend available, and I knew I had to come here. 

Ironically, the cost, which was the top selling point for the first school, became one of my lowest priorities as soon as I found Huntington University. I knew I would be getting the most out of my money, and the circumstances that brought me here were just too coincidental to ignore. I felt as if God was actively guiding me here. Now that I am here, I could not be more thankful I got to know about this place. 

Maybe you are in the same position that I was, having too many options to sort through or feeling like your options lack what you really need. If you have not already, see if we have the major for you or reach out to the Office of Admissions

Written by
Jordan Lynden