Faith Integration

As part of the tenure process, faculty are asked to write a paper discussing faith integration.  Included below are some examples written by Huntington University faculty from various academic disciplines.

Ministry and Missions

Dr. Tom Bergler 

A Prophetic Witness to Christian Higher Education:
Faith-Learning Integration in the Field of Ministry and Missions

Dr. Luke Fetters

​An Essay Concerning Seamless Integration


Dr. Jack Heller

Divine Diversity in the Study of Literature and Writing

Dr. Todd Martin

Multiculturalism and the Practice of Faith Integration in English


Dr. George W. Killian, Jr.

Integration of Faith and Learning in Music


David W. McEowen

Teaching Business at a Christian University: Issues, Challenges, and Practices


Dr. Kevin D. Miller

Faith and Scholarship: An Incarnational Model for Teaching and Research


Dr. Jeffrey B. Webb

Conversation, Dependence & Community


Dr. Bill Hasker, professor emeritus

Faith-Learning Integration: An Overview