Employing Interns

Friesen Center for Service & Experiential Learning

Huntington University students work in organizations regionally, nationally, and around the world in fields such as business, marketing, graphic design, digital media, agriculture, healthcare, and more! HU internship receive excellent ratings in character and collaboration!
Internships can be compensated or not. Because many students work an internship in place of a job, compensation is preferred, making the internship more feasible.
A student completes a contract with the university before working at a site. Each student provides goals as part of the contract which can be discussed with a site supervisor. Upon the completion of an internship, the site supervisor completes an evaluation for the intern. The evaluation can be found here:
If you are interested in hiring a Huntington University intern, complete this form or contact FriesenCenterExperience@huntington.edu. Once we receive your form, we distribute information to faculty and students suited for the position.

Read more about internships, practica, and job shadows below.


An internship is practice-oriented experience. Students apply theory and knowledge in a professional setting. Internships permit students to pursue professional goals and meet the needs of the organization. Internships are meaningful and NOT primarily clerical.


A practicum entails supervised observation and exposure to operations through participation. Student practice skills and apply knowledge to learn by doing. This requires regular feedback from site supervisors.

Job Shadow

A job shadow includes observation of daily activities in a field of study, permitting the student to see how skills are applied.