Forester Village Application

                                                         FORESTER VILLAGE APPLICATION
                                                              For Fall 2015 and Spring 2016

Applications are due in the Student Life Office on or before 5:00 PM Tuesday March 31, 2015.
Here is a quick update about the housing costs for Forester Village. The normal room rate for apartments is the same rate for all dorms and apartments, which we will use for students with four students in one FV apartment. However, if an apartment drops down to only three students, each remaining resident will be charged a 3-per semester per student rate. If an apartment drops down to only two students in an apartment the students will be placed in the residence hall. The room rate is subject to change each year, so check in the business office to find the exact amount the additional charge would be if you go to less than four (4) students in your apartment. We need to try our best to keep the apartments at full capacity, especially as we have housing options tighten up after freshman registration. When we have students living in the apartments, many of the utilities cost the same whether or not the apartment is full. If you need assistance finding a roommate, please let the director of housing know and we can discuss possible juniors or seniors who would be eligible to move to FV; however, it is up to you to find a replacement.


1. All residents of Forester Village must have junior (at least 58 credits) or senior (at least 92 credits) and/or completed four (4) semesters of college by the upcoming fall semester.

2. Squatters in an apartment MUST APPLY or forfeit their apartment. In order to claim squatter’s rights, an individual or individuals must be requesting the same apartment they lived in the previous semester and have a total of four residents for that apartment at the time of application.

3. After squatters have taken their apartments, the remaining apartments will be given to the qualified applicants based upon their combined cumulative hours.

4. The apartment must have four roommates at the beginning of the fall semester. If your group loses a roommate, you will need to replace them or you will be placed into the residence halls (see beginning paragraph).

5. Those who have been confirmed to live in Forester Village should not participate in the residence hall room draw.

6. You may be asked to move to a different building in order to consolidate apartment complexes. You are assigned to an apartment, but not necessarily the one you were in previously if we need to move students for maintenance or University concerns.

7. PRIME and CCCU (off campus) students are guaranteed housing for the semester they are on campus, but housing cannot be reserved for them for the semester they are not here.

8. The website will give you your cumulative hours or you can ask in the registrar’s office in Becker Hall.