Community Enhancement Council

The purpose of the Community Enhancement Council is to build community, strengthen collegiality and recognize important contributions of the faculty and staff of Huntington University. It is instrumental in maintaining institutional health and managing growth by focusing on three of the seven University priorities from the Strategic Plan. They are:

  • Promote a culture of creativity, collegiality, and informed change.
  • Strengthen a positive work environment and organizational health.
  • Emphasize our strength by enhancing the Christian university experience for students, faculty, and staff.

The President’s Council has commissioned the Community Enhancement Team with the following objectives and responsibilities:

  • Support the efforts of the Human Resources Office to strengthen a positive work environment, build organizational health and enhance the Christian university experience for all members of the campus community.
  • Propose ways to strengthen a spirit of community and collegiality on campus and facilitate the implementation of such plans.
  • Organize social events and holiday celebrations for faculty, staff, administrators and trustees.
  • Plan special worship services for faculty and staff (one each semester).
  • Coordinate the annual Celebration of Service appreciation banquet.
  • Elect a chair and organize teams to accomplish these goals.
  • Annually report activities and accomplishments to the President’s Council.