Co-Ed Indoor Soccer

Schedule ►  **First team listed wears white colored T's**





Team Registration Begins: Dec. 1
Entry Deadline: Jan. 27

Opening Night: Jan. 29 
Playoffs begin: Mar. 5

Register your team and designate who is team captain by emailing 


1. Futsal Rules - 4 v 4 plus a keeper
2. Two - twenty minutes halves. (games end in ties during regular season)

3. Only 3 varsity soccer players allowed per team (must be a combination of male/female)
4. Overtime during Post Season will be two - five minute halves 'Golden Goal'
5. Tie Breakers to determine standings will be a follow:
points, wins, goal differential, most goals scored, shutouts, and then coin toss
6. Must have girl on the floor at all times. If a team does not have a girl on the floor they must play a man down.
7. All restarts are Direct including corner kicks and kick in's on the side
8. Any foul called inside the 3 point arc will result in a PK taken at the top of the 3 point arc.
9. Keeper can only use his/her hands inside the 3 point arc of the court


This sport is for HU students, faculty, staff, and alumni. Every team must submit a roster and the roster is final after the first game.


Shin guards are highly recommended.


All games will be held in the Merillat Complex.