Co-Ed Ping Pong

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Opening Week: 
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1. Players will initially be assigned positions on the Ladder based on a blind draw.
2. There will be a section on the Campus Rec. website that will have all the player's names and email address.
3. In order to move up the ladder, you challenge someone N levels above you. (N will be determined by number of players on the ladder).
4. After each match, the player who wins is responsible for emailing the result to within 24 hours.
5. If you beat the player you challenged, you take their spot above and they take your spot below.
6. If you beat the player who challenged you, there is no move of positions on the ladder.
7. To meet the purpose of the Ladder, you will be expected to challenge and receive a challenge within a two week span. Sanctions for failure to participate (reject a challenge or not challenge someone) may result in loss of position or removal from the ladder. Of course you are welcome to play more then once a week and all matches count!!
8. If you are challenged, you are expected to do your best to agree to a time and place to play. If you receive a second challenge before you play an already scheduled game, please let the challenger know that they must wait till you play the first challenger before accepting their challenge because your position may change.
9. The idea and goal is to have everyone play at least one match a week.
10. New players may enter the ladder starting at the bottom of the ladder.


This sport is for HU students, faculty, staff, and alumni. Every individual must register online.


Rankings will be posted on this web page.


All matches must be played on campus in the dorms or at the MPERC.


Players are responsible for their own paddle and ping pong balls.