Men’s Flag Football

Team Registration Begins: Aug. 28

Team Entry Deadline:  Sept. 8

Open Day: Sept. 21

Playoffs Begin: Oct. 19

Sept. 21

3pm     The Slumder Dawgs vs FAST

4pm     The Maize n Blue vs Sorry It Took So Long


Sept. 28

3pm       The Maize n Blue vs The Slumder Dawgs

4pm       FAST vs Sorry It Took So Long


Oct. 5

3pm      Sorry It Took So Long vs The Slumder Dawgs

4pm      Fast vs Maize n Blue


Oct. 12     Mid Term Break


Oct. 19    Playoffs      

3pm       #1 seed vs #4 Seed

4pm       #2 seed vs #3 Seed

5pm       Final

Register online  

Standings:                      W - L = PTS

FAST                              0-1=0

Maize N Blue                  0-1=0

Slumber Dawgs              1-0=2

Sorry It Took So Long     1-0=2



1. Teams must have a minimum of 6 players to start a game to avoid a forfeit. Teams can play with a maximum of 7 players on the field.
2. Games will consist of two 20-minute halves, and a 5 minute halftime. There will be "NO" overtime during the regular season.
3. The clock will run continuously except for the last two minutes of the game. At that point in time it will only run during the play.
4. The official field is 40yds. X 70yds. With 10 yard end zones.
5. First downs are achieved by crossing the “zone line in the center of the field.” Four downs to get a first down or touchdown.
6. There must be 5 offensive players on the line of scrimmage. Everyone is an eligible receiver.
7. If a flag inadvertently falls from a player, two-hand touch will down that player.
8. College rules: The ball is dead when it comes in contact with the ground. Play is dead when players knee hits the ground. This also includes punts and kickoffs. Interceptions are downed at the spot. Touchbacks will come out to the 25 yard line.
9. After a touchdown, a team may try for one extra point from the 3 or two points from the 10
10. Mercy Rule: If a team is 19 or more points ahead at the 2 minute warning of the second half or anytime within the final 2 minutes, the game shall be over.
11. No overtimes in regular season. In the playoffs, overtimes will consist of each team having four chances to score from the zone line in the center of the field. Interceptions returned for a touchdown end the game.
12. No direct snaps. Quarterbacks must be at least 2 yards behind center.
13. First team listed is home and must wear white jerseys.


This sport is for HU students, faculty, staff, and alumni. Every team must submit a roster and the roster is final after the first game begins.


Games are played on Sun. afternoons


Flags and balls will be provided.


All games will be held at the Merillat Complex Intramural Field.