Registration Begins: Oct. 17                             

Entry Deadline: Nov. 13

Tournament Date: Nov. 18 


1. Clarification: the side for the time being having the right to serve shall be called the "In" side, and the opposing side shall be called the "Out" side.
2. Best 2 out of 3 games to 15 points. Points are scored by the serving team only and you do not need to win by 2.
3. Faults - when serving initial point of contact must be the with base of the shuttle below the server's waist. Service must land in the diagonal service court, (a shuttle falling on a line shall be deemed to have fallen in the court or service court of which such line is a boundary)
4. The initial point of contact with the shuttle must be on players own side of the net (follow thru with racquet can go over the net)
5. Players are not allowed to touch the net in any way with body, racquet, clothing.
6. Player on the out side returning the serve can't move until the shuttle is contacted
7. Play shall be continuous from the first service until the until the end of the match with 2 minute breaks in between games. (no timeouts)


This sport is for HU students, faculty, staff, and alumni. Every team must submit a roster and the roster is final after the first game begins.


Double elimination tournaments will be emailed to teams.


Rackets & shuttlecocks will be provided.


All games will be held in the Merillat Complex.

Got questions? Contact Russ Lawson at