Floor Hockey

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1. The game shall be played between two teams of five players each, including a goalie. Four players are required to avoid a forfeit.
2. Playing time shall consist of three periods of 12 minutes each (running clock). 2 minutes between each period.
3. During the final two minutes of the game (3rd period) the clock will stop for penalties and face-offs.
4. If a team is up by 5 or more goals the clock will not stop during the last two minutes of the 3rd period.
5. If the game has ended in a tie, there will be a five-minute running clock sudden death period. If the game is still tied, the deadlock will be broken by three alternating penalty shots taken by three different players from each team. Players for the shoot-out must be picked from players on the court when time expired. Goalie for the shoot out must be the goalie that was in the game when time expired.
6. Each team will be granted one (1 minute) time-out per game.


1. A face-off is used: to begin each period, after each goal, if the ball goes out of play, after any penalty or violation, any whistle, or if the ball is tied up in the corner or along the walls. Sticks must be on the floor for a face-off.
2. Offside will only apply to face-offs. All players must be on their defensive side during the face-off.
3. Absolutely no unnecessary body checking or contact will be tolerated.
4. There will be no icing.
5. A hand may be used to catch or touch an airborne puck. The puck must be dropped immediately within the radius of the catching player's stick unless in the defensive zone. Hand passes are allowed in the defensive zone.
6. The ball may be kicked at any time, except into the goal.
7. A goalie may catch the ball in their glove, if they do not intend to play the ball, a face off will occur.
8. Goalies when clearing the puck may not throw it above waist height, or throw it past the center line. However, goalies may shoot it with their stick.
9. Substitutions are free and can be made at any time. When the puck is alive a player can only enter the court when the other player is completely off the court.
10. The net will only stop play if there is NO glass behind it. If the ball hits the net and there is glass behind it, play will NOT be stopped, even behind the goal area.
11. Defensive players are allowed in the crease. Offensive players may only enter the crease if they are following the ball in.


1. Goals will not count if a stick blade is above the waist level, kicked in, the ball is batted by the hand, or an offensive player is in the crease, unless the offensive player has followed the ball into the crease.
2. Shots, which bounce off a player’s body and into the net, will be counted, if the contact with the person is an accidental (official's judgment).


1. If more than two (2) players are penalized during the same time, penalties shall be served in succession.
2. Minor penalties will expire if the team playing with the advantage scores a goal. Penalty minutes will carry over into the next period. If two (2) or more players are penalized only one (1) player may return per goal scored against their team. The player who has the least amount of time left on their penalty will return.
3. When a violation occurs, a delayed penalty (held whistle) will be called if the offended player/team retains possession of the ball and has a clear opportunity to score.
4. Player fouls shall be recorded as in the game of basketball. A player who receives five (5) fouls of any combination shall be disqualified from the remainder of the game. In addition, any player who receives two (2) major fouls shall be disqualified.
5. Any player ejected from a game will also be suspended from his/her next game.
6. Minor-two (2) minutes, GAME TIME.
7. Major-five (5) minutes, GAME TIME.
8. Misconduct-Ten (10) minutes, game time with substitution. A second misconduct on a player in the same game results in a game misconduct. Three (3) misconduct penalties in the same game on the same team will result in a forfeit.
9. Any player involved in FIGHTING will be ejected from the league. Depending upon circumstances, FIGHTING will be reported to student affairs.


This sport is for HU students, faculty, staff, and alumni. Every team must submit a roster and the roster is final after the first game begins.


All games will be held in the Merillat Complex.