Team Registration Begins: Jan. 6
Entry Deadline: Jan. 17
Tournament Night: Jan. 19
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A series of 5 Games in one evening...

Wuffle Ball

1 inning, each batter starts with a 1-1 count, supply own pitcher

Basketball Knock Out

Last player standing wins game


1 game to 15, rally scoring (each serve is a point)

Ping Pong
1 game to 5, 

Floor Hockey

1 game to 5, one goalie and 4 position players

General Playing Rules and Scoring:

  • Roster size will consist of five (can be any combination of men and women). Must have 1 woman
  • Each team will match up against another team and play them in all 5 games.
  • Each team that wins the best out of 5 games will advance to next round.
  • Each round consists of playing all 5 games until a Champion is crowned.
  • When necessary, team captains will play rock/paper/scissor to determine how each game is to begin.
  • Must have FUN!!! Some say this is just like speed dating... except better.