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Jeffrey Webb

Professor of American History and Pre-Law Advisor

(260) 359-4243

Dr. Jeffrey B. Webb joined the faculty in the fall of 1999. He received his Ph.D. from the University of Chicago in the field of early American history, and his research in environmental history and development studies appears in the journal Environment, Space, Place. His current project is a multivolume encyclopedia titled Energy in American History: A Political, Social, and Environmental Encyclopedia (ABC-CLIO, forthcoming).

He teaches the following History and International and Development Studies Courses:

HS 115 and 116 Historical Perspectives I and II
HS 211 and 212 History of the U.S. I and II
HS 361 American Religious History
HS 381 Civil War and Reconstruction
HS 385 The American Revolution
HS 487 Seminar in American History
PS 105 Introduction to Law
PS 171 Development and Sustainability