Terra Rowley

Adjunct Faculty


Terra Rowley earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Vocal Performance from Northwestern University in June of 1992. She continued her studies at Florida State University where she completed a Master’s Degree in Music Therapy. Her thesis is titled "The Use of Music Therapy In A Domestic Violence Support Group In A Women’s Prison." Since then, she has worked as a music therapist in a variety of settings including acute and chronic mental health, students with special needs, corrections, geriatrics, youth and music ministry, and crisis intervention. Terra is a doctoral candidate in Special Education at Ball State University with a cognate in Music Education. She is currently working on her dissertation project using music therapy as a behavioral intervention for students in the local Head Start program. Terra works as a contracted music therapist through her business, Health & Harmony Music Therapy Services and runs a Kindermusik studio in which she provides this developmental music program for children and their parents. Terra’s passion is to nourish those in need with the healing powers of music in the name of Christ and to promote the awareness and utilization of music therapy in the community.