Mu Kappa

Mu Kappa is a ministry whose primary purpose is to reach out to the missionary kids on campus and help integrate them into the campus community life in a way that encourages them not only to learn from the community but also to use their unique perspective, their abilities, and their past experiences to engage and benefit the community. Mu Kappa provides an environment where missionary kids (MKs) can enjoy one another’s fellowship and affirm the validity of their life experience.

To a missionary kid, the phrase "MK" suggests a sense of identity and belonging, giving you a kindred spirit with other MKs, a context for mutual understanding and communication which you cannot find anywhere else.

No matter what part of the world they've come from, most MKs feel and recognize a special fraternal bond with other MKs. The Mu Kappa concept capitalizes on that built-in belongingness and has organized in a formal way what MKs have always felt.

Benefits of Membership

Cultural -- developing awareness and adjustment skills when facing the challenge of moving between cultures.

Practical -- helping to provide a support structure and the practical know-how needed while adapting to the unfamiliar.

Social -- encouraging social development among a kindred group to build integration skills, rather than promote isolationism.

Spiritual -- bonding with those of common background in a community of faith, encouragement and commitment.

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