A Mission of Excellence

Huntington University's mission has stood as a pillar for excellence for the institution since its inception four pillars in fact:

Scholarship: A deep commitment to the pursuit of academic knowledge and truth as it concerns the Church and the scholarly and educational communities. Click here to read the story.

Breadth: A quest for wisdom and knowledge that goes beyond a narrow worldview. Click here to read the story.

Vocation: A pledge to equip students to effectively impact their world for Christ in their chosen careers and in their everyday lives. Click here to read the story.

Service: A vow to teach students that a commitment to service is God-honoring and leads to a fulfilling life. Click here to read the story.

The mission acts as a guide to faculty as they teach students as well as a map for staff as they manage the daily workings of the university. It's a constant reminder that Huntington University is a Christ-centered institution.

"The university's founders meant to build an institution for the young people of the denomination 'and others.' In other words, they were looking out for their own, and they were looking beyond, toward the common good," said Dr. Del Doughty, interim vice president for academic affairs. "Our mission defines our purpose as an institution it's literally our reason for being. I think of it as our DNA. If you took any given thing that we do here, cut off a slice and put it under a microscope, you should see the mission."

The mission has stood for 117 years and will stand for another century as a pillar of meaning and direction as the institution works to guide the next generation of students.