Ballinger publishes ‘�Kooky Cookery’ recipe book

HUNTINGTON, Ind. Bryan Ballinger, associate professor of digital media arts at Huntington University, has published a collection of vintage recipes and recipe booklets that is more than 10 years in the making.

"Kooky Cookery: An archive of irregular recipes from yester-year" features recipes such as Bologna Cups with Peas, Sausage-Eyed Apple Winkers and Cheese-Burger Pancakes.

"I collect vintage recipes and recipe booklets and have been for years, in particular, ones that were put out by food companies trying to come up with more and more ways to use their products, and that is a 'recipe' for some really absurd food creations," Ballinger said. "When I was getting my Master in Fine Arts in creative writing, I decided to write a humorous book about these recipes as part of my final thesis. Since then, I've been working on the design and layout of the book."

Ballinger teaches in the digital media arts department at HU. His specialty is in the design and illustration work of digital media including 3D CGI skills in modeling, texturing, lighting and animation.

Before coming to HU, he was a freelance illustrator with clients such as Microsoft, Nintendo, Disney and Harley Davidson. He was also the lead 3D designer for five years at Big Idea Productions, the creators of VeggieTales. He also spent six years as a senior designer and illustrator at the Microsoft Corporation where he was awarded a patent for development of multimedia buttons.

Ballinger earned his bachelor's in illustration from Columbus College of Art and Design and finished his master's at Lesley University in June 2006.

"Kooky Cookery" is available in print, Kindle, Nook and PDF formats at