Campus the set of upcoming indie film

HUNTINGTON, Ind. Hollywood comes to Huntington University this January with the filming of "Praying the Hours."

"Praying the Hours" tells the story of a man in the midst of his death who is reflecting on eternity. The film is told in eight segments, which will also be displayed as individual short films, and is based on the ancient practice of fixed-hour prayer observed by the Abrahamic faith traditions.

The final segment of this independent film will be shot on campus over J-term with the assistance of digital media arts students.

"If we build it, they will come, and independent filmmakers in Hollywood are coming," said Dr. Lance Clark, professor of digital media arts film and communication.

Renovations to the digital media arts department through Together: The Campaign for Huntington University and the recent purchase of a state-of-the-art RED Scarlet-X camera has made the program more vibrant and attractive to outside film agencies. Clark hopes this is the first of many projects to come to Huntington.

"I'm very excited about this," he said.

The final segment of the film, "The Hour of Compline," will be shot at various locations in and around the campus with the assistance of 10 hand-selected students. It tells the story of a college professor and is set at a liberal arts college in the Midwest.

As an artist in residence at Fuller Seminary in Pasadena, Calif., director Lauralee Farrer was attracted to the idea of shooting at a Christian college even more so when HU alumnus Matt Webb pitched the idea.

"We feel that this is a terrific fit not just for our production but also to have a chance to create a little community with Huntington U.," Farrer said.

HU students will be used during preparation and production of the film including camera operation, location scouting and problem solving such as the development of "trick shots."

"There are a number of different areas that the students are going to be involved with," said Webb, a producer on the film and a 1998 theater graduate from HU. "We're excited about it. We're excited to work with Lance and the students. I think it will be good for the school and great for us."

"Praying the Hours" will continue shooting the other seven segments at various locations in the country through 2012 with a hopeful release date in 2013.

Learn more about the film at:
Twitter: @praythehours