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Cook hired as director of graduate ministries

Huntington, Ind.-Dr. Michael Cook will become the director of graduate ministries at Huntington University on June 1.

Cook currently is the chair of the Christian Ministries Department at Taylor University Fort Wayne where he has served for the last 12 years. He developed the Bachelor of Science degree in counseling program at TUFW and a number of new courses. He also worked to develop the spiritual formation initiative at TUFW. Before TUFW, Cook taught at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary.

Cook served as the counseling pastor at First Missionary Church in Fort Wayne for four years and has worked in other churches and counseling centers as a clinic director, staff counselor, research consultant, youth pastor and associate pastor.

Cook has published refereed articles and made refereed presentations on a variety of topics, including teaching ethics, teaching critical thinking, engaging students, facilitating learning through developmental clubs, and understanding the effects of counselors' moral dogmatism and counseling attitudes.

Cook holds a Ph.D. and Master of Divinity degree from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary as well as a Bachelor of Arts degree from Albany State University in Georgia.

The director of graduate ministries oversees all the graduate ministries programs as well as the Diploma in Christian Ministries and teaches courses in these programs. The director serves on the Graduate and Adult Studies Committee and works closely with the other graduate program directors, the EXCEL director and relevant denominational committees. Qualities and experiences sought in filling this position include excellence in visionary and operational leadership, teaching, ministry, and scholarship.