Creating Scholars: Jeff Scott ‘04

People always ask him how an English major got into finance. He tells them it was quite simple. It was his liberal arts education that made it possible.

"Huntington prepared me for the real world and how it was going to be," said Jeff Scott, a 2004 alum. "I wouldn't have done it differently. I wouldn't have gone back and done a finance degree. I liked the foundation that (my education) gave me."

Scott dabbled in every form of writing possible while in college - journalism, public relations, creative writing - but decided that the technical writing field would be right for him. A writing job at KeyBank was a stepping stone to what would unknowingly become his life-long passion - sales.

"Once I got into the bank, ... I liked it and began to understand the numbers," Scott said. "I completely did a 180. ... I went into sales for the bank and never looked back."

Scott is now the team lead and vice president for health care treasury management at KeyBank's corporate headquarters in Cleveland. He helps health care companies process insurance claims and advises clients on payment efficiencies within the receivables stream.

"There was something about that place that instilled a work ethic in me," Scott said about Huntington University. "I cannot say enough good things about it."