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Druhot addresses strategic leadership

Huntington, Ind.-Business and community members attended a Leadership Luncheon on April 30 sponsored by Huntington University's Center for Leadership.

The luncheon featured Scott Druhot of Biomet who addressed various types of leadership. Druhot has developed nationally accepted methods of pharmaceutical training and shared his insights in a presentation titled "Strategic Leadership-Blocking and Tackling."

During his presentation, Druhot discussed 10 observations about leadership and stressed that "Leadership is all about communication." His observations include

1.) It's only considered a failure if you fail to learn.

2.) Leadership starts at all ages.

3.) Associates and people are your products.

4.) Time is never wasted on developing leaders.

5.) People talk about failing leadership. What are they doing about it?

6.) Leadership is not a title.

7.) The true test of a leader is what they do when no one is watching them.

8.) Leadership is everywhere.

9.) People want leadership and guidance because they want to be successful.

10.) Successful leadership requires successful communication.

He focused on the different approaches that leaders may take and emphasized that being a successful leader means continuing to learn and apply new leadership skills.

Some of the leadership approaches addressed in the CEO portion of the presentation were strategy, a human assets approach (in which the leader asks, "How am I doing?"), expertise, the box approach (which includes taking things in steps and segments) and the change approach. One of the key questions Druhot said to ask is "What is best for the company, not me personally?"

Druhot emphasized that everything people do involves communication, making it the most important aspect of leadership.

The Huntington University Center for Leadership has developed over the last year and has now found a home on the university's campus in the EXCEL Adult Degree Programs office. Under the direction of Dr. Rick Upchurch, director of the EXCEL program, the CFL provides leadership training and resources to businesses, community leaders and pastors in northern Indiana.