Graduate youth ministry faculty embraces social media

Huntington, Ind.-Social networks and blogs are now the fourth most popular online activity, according to the Nielsen Company. Nielsen states that more than two-thirds of the global population uses social networking and blogging sites. According to the same report, Facebook is the world's most popular social networking site.

Dr. Dave Rahn, director of the Huntington University graduate youth ministry leadership program, said engaging in social networking is helpful in keeping up with and contributing to the greater body of knowledge in the youth ministry field. He said social networking sites allow those in ministry to reach people more effectively.

"Social networking is one of the relevant realities of our day," Rahn said. "And it is especially significant for those of us who serve young people and the adults who love them well. I am called now, as I have been for almost 40 years, to lead others into the presence of a God who is known in stillness and experienced through a whisper. The fact that the starting point includes the world of Facebook only makes the challenge that much greater."

Rahn recently began contributing to a blog called Slant33. He and two other youth professionals tackle biblical issues from their three perspectives. In addition, Rahn is on Twitter and on Facebook.