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Graphic design student wins T-shirt design contest

Huntington, Ind.-"Summer Color," a design by Felicia Pettigrew, won the Casa Yallaha T-Shirt Design Contest. Pettigrew is a 20-year-old Huntington University student from Huntington, Ind.

Casa Yallaha is a youth hostel in St. Augustine, Fla.

Pettigrew entered four designs: "Bridge Street," "Sitting by the Beach," "Florida Oranges" and "Summer Color." "Summer Color" was chosen as the winner by a panel that consisted of the owners and management of Casa Yallaha. "Summer Color" was selected based on "the exquisite use of color and design elements that were not only very attractive but would successfully transfer to a T-shirt."

Pettigrew shared how she came up with the design, what made her enter the contest and what her future plans are. "When I think of Florida, I always think of beautiful flowers and bright, warm colors," she said. "So I decided on a flower design."

Why enter the contest? "Some friends and I were looking online for somewhere to go on Spring Break, and we found Casa Yallaha Hostel in St. Augustine, Fla.," she explained. "I went on the Web site to look at some of the pictures and saw there was a T-shirt design contest, so I decided I would give it a shot. I was interested in winning the prize money to help out with the cost of college. I also just enjoy designing and creating pieces for other people, so I thought this contest sounded like fun."

Pettigrew is a graphic design major at Huntington. "I am hoping to do something with my art, consisting anywhere from photography, design, graphics or pottery," she said. "I am a firm believer in missions and ministry, so if I get a chance to use my art in those areas, that would be amazing. I plan on graduating and hopefully someday getting married and having a family. I am going to cling to the joys in life and try my best to share the love of Jesus Christ."

"Summer Color" will be printed on T-shirts for women and children. Pettigrew won $100 and will receive a free T-shirt featuring her design.