History department faculty and students attend conference, present papers

A group of three faculty and six students from the history department attended the Biennial Meetings of the Conference on Faith and History at Gordon College from Oct. 3-6. Papers were presented by senior Amber Brady, junior Andrew Wickersham, sophomore Jared Huhta, sophomore Amy Anema, senior Trevor Martens and sophomore Zeke Barber. Dr. Paul Michelson, distinguished professor of history, chaired one of the sessions at the student conference. Brady and Wickersham were asked to submit copies of their papers for consideration for publication in The Midwest Journal of Student Research.

The student conference was followed by the 28th Biennial CFH Fall Conference on Oct. 4-6. Dr. Dwight Brautigam, professor of history, chaired a panel on "George Whitefield, the Moravians and the Quakers in the Transatlantic 18th Century." Dr. Jeff Webb, professor of history, presided over a panel on "Missions, Patriotism, and the Halevy Thesis." Dr. Michelson chaired and served as commentator on a session dealing with "Revolution and Rhetoric: A Global Perspective of Religion in Power." All three also attended the National Board meeting of the Conference on Faith and History during the conference, in their capacities as secretary, treasurer and Newsletter editor, respectively, of the CFH.