HU Admissions Announces New Position

Huntington University is pleased to announce the formation of a new position at the University, Assistant Director of Admissions and Transfer Relationships, and introduce the first person to hold the title: Roberta Bailey.

As Assistant Director of Admissions and Transfer Relationships, Bailey will represent Huntington University throughout the process of recruiting, admitting, and matriculating transfer students.

“When I returned to school, I was a transfer and online student,” said Bailey. “My experience was excellent, and now I want to offer that same excellence to others. Often transfer or online students need and want a concierge admissions experience. My background makes it possible for me to offer that.”

Bailey will build relationships with prospective transfer students and influencers at community colleges. Her position serves both the undergraduate and the graduate/online Office of Admissions.

“This position is going to be invaluable to the recruitment process for HU,” said Susanne Watson, director of undergraduate admissions. “Transfer students are an important part of our incoming new class each year, but working with a transfer student through the admission process looks a little different than working with a first-time freshman. Transfer students are looking for something specific; they know what they need from a college experience, and it’s Roberta’s job to bridge the gap for these students and help them find what they are looking for at Huntington.”

Bailey is prepared to do just that, leveraging her Bachelor of Science degree in psychology, her decade of working for social services, and her five years of working as an admissions counselor at Indiana Wesleyan University.

“It’s exciting to open and fill this position,” said Nathan Hawkins, director of graduate and online admissions. “This position and Roberta in it will provide valuable connections for students and higher education partnerships. As higher education changes, we need to adapt with it, and Roberta is the right person at the right time to lead us in that direction.”