HU Announces Spring 2019 Dean’s List

The Office of the Dean at Huntington University has named 357 students to the Dean’s List for spring semester 2019, including 336 students from the Huntington campus and 21 students from Huntington University Arizona.  

To achieve designation on the Dean’s List, students must be classified as regular students, have been enrolled full-time with a load of 12 hours or more in graded courses and earned at least 42 grade points with a semester GPA of at least 3.50.

“Students who are named to the Dean’s List have demonstrated that they are committed to academic excellence,” said Dr. Luke Fetters, interim dean of academic affairs. “It is more than a mark of intelligence. Employers and graduate schools look at inclusion on the Dean’s List as one piece of evidence that a person is willing to work hard, meet deadlines, and exceed expectations. These students demonstrate competencies to succeed in advanced academic pursuits, challenging careers, and community leadership.”