HU campus radio improves sound with new equipment, new general manager

Huntington, Ind. - WQHU Fuse FM's sound is better than ever this year with the addition of new equipment and new a general manager.

John O'Rourke, a former DJ at Star 88.3 in Fort Wayne, Ind., joined the Huntington University staff this year as the radio and television supervisor. He brings ambition and a great vision for Fuse FM. He has given the station a makeover with new on-air equipment and scheduling software. These changes will allow for better sound quality and consistency in scheduling songs and DJs. The changes will also improve the audio quality and provide consistent scheduling so that listeners can enjoy a wider variety of music.

The station will also update its music selection more frequently so that listeners can enjoy the newest popular songs. The Fuse FM staff also plans to have more promotional events and be more active in the local community.

Opportunities will also be available for individuals and business to underwrite or sponsor airtime.

WQHU Fuse FM is an alternative rock music station run locally by Huntington University students. Tune into Fuse FM at 105.5 FM or online at