HU inaugurates 13th president

Huntington University celebrated the inauguration of 13th President, Dr. Sherilyn Emberton, with two special services.

The first, a commissioning ceremony planned by the student body on Oct. 3, included an address by Emberton's mother, Shirley Emberton Bratton; prayers written for the occasion by each of the classes; and music by Joyful Noise. Jessica Krause presented the senior class charge to the president.

"Daily humble yourself before the Lord, and the impact you will have on this campus will be enormous not because of who you are but because of who God is through you," Krause said.

Emberton responded to the 450 students who attended with her own challenge: "Students, your charge is to be honest with me. You will help mold me to be who God wants me to be."

Approximately 580 people attended the formal inauguration ceremony on Oct. 4. Representatives from higher education, local and state government, and the United Brethren in Christ Church presided over the service.

"Today marks a marvelous match between a tremendous leader and a tremendous institution," Dr. Edward Blews Jr., president of the Council for Christian Colleges & Universities, said of the occasion.

In their blessings, the current bishop and bishop emeriti from the UB Church prayed Emberton would "be a light bearer for Jesus Christ."

Emberton's mentors and the former presidents of HU offered words of wisdom and challenge to the new president.

Dr. Samuel Oliver, president of East Texas Baptist University, urged Emberton to "live a life worthy of the calling you have received." Dr. G. Blair Dowden, president emeritus, encouraged Emberton to "be community-minded, dependent on the Lord and bold, strong and courageous."

In response, Emberton said she felt humbled by the calling and that "we are a blessed people doing amazing work in an anointed place such as this."

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