HU professor to release ‘Animal Gas’ scratch and sniff book

Bryan Ballinger 2010
Bryan Ballinger

HUNTINGTON, Ind. Scratch and sniff "Animal Gas" sounds like a bestseller, right? Well, that's what Huntington University Professor Bryan Ballinger is hoping for with his next project.

"Animal Gas" is a book of animal stories that each have their own disSTINK personalities.

"I started working on 'Animal Gas' almost exactly three years ago. I've been working on it off and on since, and now, it's finally done," said Ballinger, an associate professor of digital media arts. "I'm interested in the subject of people trying to be what they're not and trying to cover up what they think are imperfections. The book deals with this in a fun way with gassy animals."

Ballinger hopes to release the book in November, but is trying to raise the funds to publish it himself. He is about $15,000 shy of his Aug. 8 goal.

"Self-publishing a picture book is not cheap to begin with, but it's even more expensive for scratch and sniff books," he said. "I've found a company that specializes in scented printing and they do incredible work. I really think it's worth it. Their Rub4Scent technology is of a very high quality and makes the book much more interactive and fun."

The book features some delightful smells and some really funny bad smells. It's fun for the whole family, Ballinger says.

"'Animal Gas' is also a great book for reluctant readers. The funny smells and the silly rhyming verses will have both children and adults giggling as they read and sniff," he said. "I previewed 'Animal Gas' at Irwin Elementary in Fort Wayne and both the kids and the teachers were roaring with laughter."

"Animal Gas" will be available in print, iBook and ePublication formats.
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