Huntington University students to present at Alpha Chi convention

HUNTINGTON, Ind.- The Indiana Beta Chapter of Alpha Chi at Huntington University will have 15 students attending and presenting papers at the Alpha Chi National Convention in San Diego March 31 through April 2. This is the largest group of HU students ever to present at an Alpha Chi convention.

All of these students will be competing for AX presentation prizes in various areas. Six students will also be competing for Alpha Chi Region V scholarships and fellowships. Those students are Shelly Bradbury, Jonathan Brenneman, Luke Brenneman, Jared Grandlienard, Sarah Johnson and Ashley Upchurch. In addition, the HU chapter will be one of 17 chapters presenting at the convention on chapter activities.

The group will be accompanied by chapter sponsors Dr. Paul Michelson, distinguished professor of history at HU, and Jean Michelson, circulation coordinator for the RichLyn Library at HU. Michelson also serves as secretary-treasurer of Region V and is a member of the Alpha Chi National Council.

The Indiana Beta chapter will be presented with the Alpha Chi Star Chapter award at the convention. It is one of only four chapters that have won this award every year since its inception in 1996.

Membership in Alpha Chi is the highest academic honor at Huntington University and represents both a recognition of scholastic achievement and a commitment to promoting academic excellence on and off campus.

The papers and the presentation area in which the papers will be given are as follows:

  • Jordan Binkerd, "Sihanouk and Angkor," World History
  • Shelly Bradbury, "Footslogging: An Experiment in Backpack Journalism," Communication
  • Jonathan D. Brenneman, "Morality Without God?: A Look at Sinnott-Armstrong's Harm Based Morality," Religion
  • Luke Brenneman, "Intercultural Communication in an Organization: The Communication and Effects of a Bosnian in an American Social Services Agency," Communication
  • Emily Cordes, "A Mathematician's Look at Cryptology," Mathematics
  • Jared A. Grandlienard, "The Monty Hall Problem," Mathematics
  • Rob Hahn, "Bred for Ignorance: Personal Financial Literacy Among College Students," American Literature
  • Sarah Johnson, "Dirty Old Women: Sexual Correctness of Dominant Female Characters from Ancient Literatures," British Literature
  • Mandy Kent, "The Culture of Chocolate: How Innovation Shapes New Product Development in a Chocolate Factory," Business
  • Andrew Martin, "Grid Computing at the Movies: Building a Render Farm," Computer Science/Engineering
  • Peter Molinero, "3D Modeling for a CG Feature," Art/Music/Dance Papers
  • Jesse Nelson, "Lightbringer: Creating a 3D Animated Film," Art/Music/Dance Papers
  • Cassandra Screeton, "How Gender Affects Investment Behavior," Business
  • Susanne M. Shepherdson, "John Wesley: Example of Atlanticist Themes in Colonial Georgia," American History
  • Ashley E. Upchurch, "Elizabeth Taylor: Personality and Erikson's Psychosocial Stages," Psychology