Huntington’s work in India to grow

HUNTINGTON, Ind. Huntington University has had a relationship with Chennai's Home of Love in India that has grown in the form of service trips to this orphanage.

Over the past three years, the trip has experienced a consistent rise in popularity. This new facet of life for Huntington University has some big plans in store for its future.

The Alexander family, the regular leaders of the trip, have now found themselves at home in the world of India. During the summer months, Dr. David Alexander, associate professor of philosophy, taught as a guest professor at a university in India. These combined create some major plans for India and Huntington.

"My wife and I are considering creating a non-profit to raise money for the orphanages we have established relationships with," Alexander said. "The directors all have dreams they want realized and they all take a moderate amount of money."

Fiscal gifts and plans are not the only way that the Alexanders plan to grow the India ministry. During their last trip, they began to buy books in English and have begun to use them to teach English at the orphanages. This opens the door for more education possibilities for the orphans, and even a possible partnership to bring the kids to Huntington to study.

"Now that all these organizations know that we are serious about going back regularly, they are putting more pressure on us to think about how to have a more significant impact while we are there."

While most of these plans are still in the concept stages, the trip that the HU community has become familiar with will soon change in a big way.