HU’s Master of Education program boasts boost in enrollment

HUNTINGTON, Ind. A change in state legislation recently helped local teachers decide to pursue their master's degrees and receive the benefits of these added credentials.

This summer, HU's Master of Education program enrolled 16 new students.

"Our graduate education students consistently indicate that getting a master's at HU makes them feel more professional in the classroom with practical knowledge they can use right away," said Dr. Steve Holtrop, dean of graduate/adult programs and academic effectiveness. "We're so happy that teachers have this window of opportunity to complete a master's degree and receive a salary increase commensurate with their additional level of professionalism."

Teachers have found HU's program to be convenient while providing a high-quality education from professors who have extensive knowledge in their fields. Thirteen different tracks in the Master of Education program give teachers the opportunity to tune their skills to their specific area of study.

"I am hoping to refine my skills as a teacher and learn how to more effectively reach my students," said Kyle Wood, a newly enrolled student who is teaching social studies at Manchester Community Schools. Wood is also a 2008 graduate of the undergraduate education program. "I chose to come to HU for grad school because it's close, and largely because of my great experiences during undergrad work."

With new state legislation, teachers were required to enroll in a master's degree program prior to July 1 in order to receive increased compensation upon completion of their degrees.

The Master of Education program is designed to help students develop professionally while fulfilling their teaching license renewal requirements. Degree programs are offered in elementary education, middle school education and high school education. Courses are presented in an hybrid format that blends face-to-face classes with online learning components.

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