Is a Christian College Worth the Cost? The Formula Says YES!

When choosing the right college, you have to weigh the cost; is the outcome worth the investment? Is the experience your student receives worth the expense? Every family has different financial abilities, priorities and expectations. Those differences may change some of the input, but they don’t change this foolproof formula: Benefits of the Educational Experience - Cost = Value.

What are the benefits?

A degree is worth close to $1 million in earned income, with the added benefit that students from Christian colleges graduate sooner than students from public institutions. Also, students are more satisfied with their entire experience at Christian colleges than students who attend other institutions.

What is the Cost?

This one is easy. What is the actual financial cost incurred by the student to complete their degree? Christian colleges, although more expensive than public colleges, typically offer institutional aid that helps to lower the out-of-pocket expense. And when compared to other private colleges, Christian colleges are less expensive. 

Consider this when pondering the cost of college: indebtedness. No parent wants their child to start post-college life with a large amount of debt hanging over their head. It’s easy to assume that the more expensive the college, the more debt students will have. Interestingly, this is not necessarily the case. The average indebtedness of students graduating from public schools is not much different as those from private colleges. Check out for more information.

What is the Value?

Each family must discern this one for themselves. At Huntington University, we offer value not only with an exceptional education and job placement rate, but also with spiritual growth, life experiences, expanded worldviews, and more! Visit HU and experience our value for yourself. Reviewing a website, reading a blog post or talking to a parent at church does not do the experience justice.