Landon and Hendryx Win Barlow Book Prize

The Department of History and Political Science at Huntington University is pleased to announce that Lucy Landon and Aaron Hendryx are winners of the 2020-2021 Jack P. Barlow, Sr., History Book Prize. 

Landon is from Roanoke, Indiana, and is pursuing a bachelor’s degree with majors in history and English, and Hendryx is from Huntington, Indiana, and is pursuing a bachelor’s degree with majors in history and political science. 

The Barlow Prize is given to outstanding students in the department’s advanced research seminars. Landon was recognized by Dr. Jeffrey Webb, professor of American history at Huntington University.  

“Lucy is a passionate student and an enthusiastic collaborator in class; she personifies the active engagement encouraged by the Barlow Award program,” said Webb.  

Hendryx was recognized by Dr. Timothy Smith, professor of non-Western history at Huntington University.  

“Aaron’s nuanced and scholarly analysis of British decolonization policy vis-a-vis its international critics displayed a highly sophisticated understanding of the decline of the British Empire,” said Smith.  

The Jack P. Barlow, Sr., Book Prize honors the memory of Professor Barlow, who served for over three decades as professor of American history at Huntington University. The prize carries a cash award sponsored by the Ron Frank Fund, which rewards academic achievement and student participation at professional academic conferences. The fund was established in 1973 in honor of Ron Frank, a former student at Huntington University.