LifeSpring Counseling Center shows great success

LifeSpring Counseling Center, Huntington UniversityHuntington University's LifeSpring Counseling Center is showing many achievements with an increase in the number of clients and appointments in recent months.

The number of clients has grown by more than 25 percent since September and the number of appointments has grown by more than 60 percent. The counseling center reported 91 clients and 207 appointments in November.

"The mental health needs of individuals and families continue to grow and often there is no mental health insurance or an inability to pay for services," said Dr. Jerry Davis, director of the HU graduate counseling program and clinical director for LifeSpring.

"I believe that we will continue to grow in numbers and our impact in the community (will grow as well)."

LifeSpring is an individual, couple, family and group counseling center where graduate students, under supervision by university faculty, conduct free therapy sessions.

"Our program is unique in that graduate students can keep their clients for up to a year which allows them to do deeper work and also to see how the therapy process unfolds over several months. Most graduate programs do not allow for that type of longevity," Davis said.

The counseling center has been beneficial in providing in-depth training for HU students as well as professional counseling services to the community.

Clients have commented that "This counseling has done so much more for me than I ever thought it would," and "I feel like God put me with the person he knew could help me the most."

LifeSpring opened in fall of 2009 and is located near the HU campus at 479 Campus St., across from Miller Hall.

There are no fees charged for services offered, although clients able to give a donation are encouraged to do so.

Donations for each session may be as little as $1 and should not exceed $20.

For more information, contact the LifeSpring Counseling Center at 260-454-5500.