LRAP program gains national attention

USA TODAY featured our LRAP program in a national story on June 13. 2011 (p. 3) The story was published online the day before. You can read it here.

Huntington University is excited to announce the Loan Repayment Assistance Program (or LRAP for short) to all new freshmen students enrolling full time in the 2011-2012 academic year.

"LRAP has lifted a huge burden from me! I am confident that God has not only called me to ministry but also to Huntington because He has provided a way to help financially cover my education. Without this program HU would not be possible for me. LRAP is a true blessing!"
-- Current student, Educational Ministry-Family & Children major, Class of 2012 [More tesitmonials]

Education at private-liberal arts schools can be expensive. Some incoming students have the funds necessary to cover the total cost. There are many that don't, however, and need assistance. In either case, loans are an option to make up the difference. There can be added anxieties as families make decisions on how much to borrow. The LRAP is in place to help lessen the anxieties that might come as families discuss how to repay student loans.The LRAP covers the following loans: Direct, Parent PLUS and alternative loans.

Please note some helpful links on the right as you research the program. You'll find common questions in the FAQ section. You can contact the LRAP Foundation at either the email or phone number listed on the right as well. Finally you can download a sample LRAP agreement, the terms & conditions and even a letter just for parents.

We trust you will find the LRAP to be a helpful tool as you consider your options for college.