O’Donnell economic forecast brighter than the weatherman’s

Huntington, Ind. (Jan. 12, 2011) - Jim O'Donnell's forecast was slightly better than the weatherman's this morning at the Huntington University Foundation's breakfast.

O'Donnell, the Luke J. Peters Professor of Business at HU, gave his annual forecast of the economy as well as a review of the past year. His projection? Bright... er.

"There are forces much larger and if we can help each other through this stuff ... things are going to get better much faster," he said to a gathering of more than 90 business, university and community people. "A lot of what we're going to be saying is, 'We've been there. We've done that.'"

Over the course of his presentation, O'Donnell used quotations, charts and humor to illustrate the past broken economy and the hope that lies ahead.

His view on fixing the economy would be smaller government; less government spending; less new government regulations; and lower, clearer, flatter taxes on everyone and everything.

"Like some others, I believe our problem is more a spending problem, less a revenue problem," O'Donnell said in his presentation.

O'Donnell's economic forecast is an annual event at Huntington University as a part of the monthly Foundation breakfast. To view O'Donnell's presentation, click here.

The Foundation's breakfast is held on the second Wednesday of every month during the school year. For more information, contact the Huntington University Foundation at (260) 359-4069 or visit . To be added to the mailing list, contact Barb Baker at (260) 359-4069 or bbaker@huntington.edu.