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Students, faculty have work accepted into Flickerings

Huntington, Ind.-Two Huntington University digital media arts majors and one of their professors have had work accepted into Flickerings, a film festival near Bushnell, Ill., to be held July 1-4.

"I'm pretty excited," said Elisabeth Meyer, a sophomore from Rosemount, Minn. "I was really surprised that I had made a film of a great enough caliber to get into a recognized festival. Prof. Leeper, of course, wasn't surprised at all. He is a huge encouragement to us all."

Flickerings, part of the Cornerstone Festival, is a four-day event that offers a three-day animation workshop with sessions to be taught by Steve Leeper, assistant professor of digital media arts.

Leeper, a filmmaker, storyteller and educator, earned his Master of Fine Arts and bachelor's degrees from the Museum School of Fine Arts in Boston.

His film, "Line Drawing," is one-minute long and offers an opportunity for viewers to follow a charcoal line that is an "invitation to explore different worlds of a child's imagination."

Meyer's seven-minute film, "Lugares Para Amor (Places for Love)," is a documentary that is "both funny and makes people a little uncomfortable." The film's intention is to look at "the Christian tendency to suppress sexuality and physical affection."

Jimi Bonogosky, a senior from Montgomery Creek, Calif., has two films at Flickerings: "Grocery List," a short music video written by Bonogosky about procrastination, and "Poppa," a film about her grandfather who likes dynamite and Speedos.

"Flickerings is the first film festival I have been accepted into," Bonogosky said, "so it really means a great deal to me. It feels like a sort of validation that my artwork has been recognized outside of school."