Students present research at 2013 academic forum

HUNTINGTON, Ind. With the completion of the semester nearing, 14 students presented their research from various disciplines at the 2013 Academic Research Forum. The forum was held on April 10.

The purpose of the forum is to highlight and celebrate student learning and scholarship. The idea for the forum originated with the HU Student Senate.

Department chairs were asked to nominate a student from his/her department to present his/her research at the forum.

Presenters included:

Sarah Messick, a senior communication studies major from Sugar Grove, OH, presented on "Differences in Profanity Usage: An Examination of the Use of Expletives on College Campuses" from the area of Communication.

Gina Boucouras, a junior Social Work major from Powell, OH, presented on "Drug Testing Welfare Recipients: An Analysis of an Indiana Social Welfare Policy" from the area of Social Work at the forum.

Jessie Perry, a senior Social Work major from Jefferson City, MO, presented on "Future Implications of Indiana and Federal Immigration Policies." from the area of Social Work at the forum.

Alex Hoffman, a senior Computer Science, Accounting and Philosophy major from Huntington, IN, presented on "Mythical Creatures and the Problems They Cause for the Philosophy of Language." from the area of Philosophy at the forum.

Bobae Lee, a junior Biology major from Seoul, Republic of Korea, presented on "Efficacy of Vitamin C Supplements in the Prevention of Cancer." from the area of Biology at the forum.

Kaitlyn Renfrew, a senior Chemistry Pre-Med major from Fremont, IN, presented on "Reducing an Imine from the addition of an Aldehyde and Amino Acid." from the area of Chemistry at the forum.

Ann Savariar, a senior Chemistry major from Huntington, IN, presented on "The Synthesis of 2,3-dihydroxy-3-phenylpropanoic acids." from the area of Chemistry at the forum.

Jessi Emmert, a senior Journalism and History major from Tallahassee, FL, presented on "Creation of a Free Press: The Development of Mass Media in Colonial America." from the area of History at the forum.

Ashley Pifer, a senior Theatre Design and Technology major from Sylvania, OH, presented on "'Reckless': An Abstract Experience." from the area of Theater at the forum.

Aaron Wells, a PG Nursing major from Marion, IN, presented on "Patient Guide to Improved Outcomes." from the area of Nursing at the forum.

Zen Hess, a senior Bible and Religion-Biblical Studies major from Andrews, IN, presented on "A Theological Aesthetic: Beauty's Place in Western Christianity." from the area of Bible and Religion at the forum.

Michelle Embree, a junior English Literature major from Butler, IN, presented on "Creative Nonfiction and Henrietta Lacks: Presenting a More Complete Truth." from the area of English at the forum.

Dan Binkoski, a senior Entrepreneurial Small Business Management, Management and Economics and Finance major from Whitmore Lake, MI, presented on "The Settlers of Catan: Developing a Four Player Strategy." from the area of Heuristics at the forum.

Jessica Krause, a senior Psychology major from Waseca, MN, presented on "International and American Students Acclimation to College: Based on Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs." from the area of Psychology at the forum.