Three festivals show ‘What’s in the Box’

Huntington, Ind.-"What's in the Box," a film directed by Tory Nelson and a team of over 80 volunteers including four professional actors from Chicago and an orchestra performing an original score, was shown at the Flint Film Festival on Oct. 16-17, and will be shown at the River's Edge International Film Festival on Nov. 5-8, and at the Orlando Film Festival on Nov. 7-8.

Nelson is a senior Digital Media Arts major with a concentration in film production from Granger, Ind., currently studying in California at the L.A. Film Studies Center. Apart from "What's in the Box," Nelson has created "Batman, the Musical," as well as two other films, "Meeting in the Middle" and "Fever," with fellow students, Jason Eberly and Nathan Hartman, which were entered in other film festivals.

"What's in the Box" was born out of the writing of Jason Latino, an adjunct professor at HU, and tells the story of a young couple, Dylan and Molly, after they purchase their first home and find a mysterious trunk in the attic. The couple discusses where the trunk came from and what it went through to get to the attic with friends of theirs.