University launches innovative program in heuristics

HUNTINGTON, Ind. Huntington University is launching a new innovative bachelor's degree program in heuristics this fall.

Heuristics is the practice of discovery, understanding and problem solving. The program's goal is to develop key cognitive skills for students entering a 21st century workforce, particularly improving creativity, critical thinking, collaboration and communication skills.

"The courses will be project-based and interdisciplinary, and they will rely significantly on partnerships within the community," said Dr. Del Doughty, professor of English at HU who helped develop the program for the university. "The program is innovative and it's about innovation."

The Bachelor of Arts in Heuristics, Design, and Technology degree also aims to build on New Tech Network programs, which are becoming increasingly popular in area high schools.

"We are excited to see the development of the heuristics program at Huntington University," said Lydia Dobyns, president of New Tech Network. "New Tech Network schools strive to develop skills students need to be successful in their college and career paths. Students learn to think critically and to collaborate; school-wide learning outcomes mirror those of the heuristics program. It is tremendously exciting to see this innovation taking place in higher education."

This interdisciplinary program will launch in the 2012-2013 school year with courses such as "Economic Development and Community Sustainability" which will explore the tensions between those two subjects by bringing together perspectives from business, environmental science and public policy; and "Visualizing Complexity" which is about learning to tell stories with data through a visual language. Students will also complement this major with minor from any area on campus.

"This degree will strengthen our already strong liberal arts emphasis at Huntington University," Doughty said.

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