Youth ministry leadership program adds to diversity

Huntington, Ind.-The Huntington University community has embraced the challenge and the opportunity to increase diversity on campus. The Master of Arts in Youth Ministry Leadership program is no exception.

A review of students who have enrolled in the YML program since 2005 reveals that 18 percent are women, and 16 percent are ethnic minorities. The age range of the students in this program varies from 22 to 48, also adding diversity to the learning atmosphere. In addition, the students come from all across the U.S. with only 12 percent residing in the state of Indiana.

According to Dr. Dave Rahn, director of the YML program and V.P. for Youth for Christ, the diverse population of this program helps bring the discussion of youth ministry topics to life. He said, "One of the tremendous values of any educational experience ought to be the ability to gain others' perspectives and consider them as we construct frameworks of knowledge and interpretation. It has been more than obvious to me that our increasing ethnic and gender diversity in our YML classes brings a richness of insights that adds huge value to what - and how - we learn together."

The structure of the program enables adults currently involved in ministry or other employment to conveniently pursue their advanced degree. Each class consists of 90 days of online learning in addition to three days of intense, face-to-face class days in one of four locations across the U.S. The program focuses on the equipping of leaders in youth ministry, the networking of youth workers that combines integrity and practicality, and the contribution to the greater body of knowledge in the field of youth ministry.

To learn more about this program, contact Amy Mattox at (260) 359-4129.