Online Credential Programs

Online Christian Leadership Credential  

Do you enjoy leading people? If so, the online Christian Leadership Credential Program from the Institute may be right for you. This program teaches students the skills to understand group relationships as well as how to motivate others to excel.

The online Christian Leadership Credential gives individuals the insight necessary to successfully create and manage all different types of relationships. The main goal of the program is to help you learn to facilitate transformational relationships in such a way that others can better understand themselves and grow to reach their potential. Going beyond theory, you will be taught targeted skills through experiences that allow you to apply the lessons in practical situations. Take your career to the next level and help your organization reach new heights.

The Institute offers the Christian Leadership Credential online in a full-time and a part-time format so that no matter where you are or how busy your schedule may be, you can take your leadership training into your own hands. Become the leader you’ve always wanted to be – apply today!


Online Christian Counseling Credential  

The online Christian Counseling Credential Program offered by the Institute provides students with the ability to help others heal and grow. You will be given the skills and techniques to facilitate productive relationships that allow others to better know themselves and reach their potential. Help those around you to understand that they are not helpless, and that they are not alone.

The online Christian Counseling Credential focuses on the relational aspects of counseling, in combination with task-based, targeted skills that allow students to become successful counseling practitioners. In this program you will take the theories and high-level teachings and learn to apply them in practical settings. Regardless of the issue presented to you, you will have the ability to create productive resolution strategies, helping others find their way to peace.

The Institute offers the Christian Counseling Credential online in a full-time and a part-time format so that everyone has access to the resources necessary to become a transformational counselor – apply today!


Online Christian Executive Coaching Credential 

The online Christian Executive Coaching credential from the Institute equips those who enjoy helping people with the skills and experience to be an effective executive coach. Professionals in this field are in extremely high demand, and are relied upon by Fortune 500 companies to improve their teams and develop their executives. If you want to help people gain confidence and reach their career goals, the online Christian Executive Coaching Credential Program is perfect for you.

Students will gain insight into several areas including: neuroscience, scriptural teachings, and coaching theory and research. Through this foundation, the program will teach future coaches how to successfully facilitate relationships that help others transform their lives and careers.

The Institute offers the Christian Executive Coaching Credential online and in two levels, so that students can take their learning into their own hands. 

Level I: Professional Credential in Executive Coaching (12 hours full-time, 12 hours part-time)
Level II: Master Credential in Executive Coaching (18 hours full-time, 18 hours part-time)

Become the transformational executive coach you’ve always wanted to be – apply today!